SPS Commerce Cloud EDI Release Notes - Version 1.0

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For official release notes, see zedSuite.com: http://www.zedsuite.com/help/sps/release-notes/#1.0

Release notes summary for Version 1.0:

  • SAP certified
  • AS2 enabled
  • Support for EDI Documents:
    • Inbound PO (850): Support for Bulk Import, Multi Store and Drop Ship fulfilment models. .
    • Outbound PO ACK (855): Auto Accept, Full Accept or Full Reject.
    • Outbound ASN (856)): Support for Bulk Import, Multi Store and Drop Ship fulfilment models. Support for SOPI and SOTPI ASN structures.
    • Outbound Invoice (810): Support for one-to-one Invoice to Order.
  • RSX data stored in SAP Business One and available for resending to SPS.
  • Configuration managed in SAP Business One via the SPS Commerce Cloud EDI Add-on.
  • Automated communication (sending and receiving with SPS) of supported document types.
  • Manual message retry through SPS Commerce Cloud EDI Add-on in SAP Business One.
  • Per Trading Partner configuration for validation.
  • Message Manager and Message Viewer screens in SAP Business One Add-on to view message details.
  • Cross-Reference Support
    • Trading Partner mapped to SAP Business One Business Partner
    • Validation variance of price, taxes and allowances if included in PO (850)
    • Location ID mapped to SAP Business One Addresses
    • SPS Items cross referenced to Item Master Data in SAP Business One
    • Mapping of Unit of Measure (UoM) and Pack Quantity from SPS to native SAP Business One objects.
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