Setup to include shipping weights on Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN/856)

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When you send Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs/856s) to a trading partner there is an option to include the shipping weight on the document.  How to get this information included on an ASN is not obvious to the Great Plains (GP) users but there are two options that allow the GP user to send this information.  One way is manual on a per ASN basis and the second is automatic on a per customer basis.

The manual method is very straight forward but again must be done for each ASN so it is not convenient for the GP user. 

Manual Method:

When creating an ASN, after you have done all the packaging and the shipment is complete and ready to be sent out, there is a field that can be used to enter the weight to be included on the ASN as part of the header record.  At the bottom of the ASN window in the middle there is a field labeled ‘Actual’.  If you enter an amount in this field it will be included as the ‘weight’ on the outgoing ASN.  This field can be edited as well if the shipment is updated.  See the image below for an indication of the field that can be set.

Automatic Method:

On a per-customer basis you, the GP user, can determine if weights should be included on all ASNs sent out to that customer.  How you enable this for a customer is done on the Customer EDI Information window.  Open up the Customer card and bring up the customer you want to include weight for.  Once you have the customer pulled up, open the EDI Information window.  On the left hand side toward the bottom of the window you will see a drop down list labeled ‘Catch Weight’.  This drop down list defaults to empty or blank which indicates to not include weights on the ASN.  If you want to include weights for this customer set the drop down list to ‘No’.  This is not intuitive and is actually a bug in the system that can work for the GP user in this case.  The ASN sending checks this value and if it is not empty it will include the weight.  This was put in as a custom in the past for several customers and has other settings that are Process Logic customer specific but setting it to ‘No’ will result in the weight being included on the ASN.  The image below shows the field and it is set to ‘No’.

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