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Anyone else feel like your not getting quality support
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  • like we are not receiving the support we need or are paying for.

Posted 1 month ago

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Christian Quilisch

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It's the worst and they make you feel like it's your fault. 
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Ryan Morrissey, Employee

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Robert, Christian, I'm sorry you feel that way. As a member of SPS Commerce Support, I can tell you that we do as much as we can to reduce customer effort and resolve issues at their root.

We do value your feedback, however! You will periodically be surveyed after an interaction with SPS Commerce Support - please provide any feedback you have, and we will continuously strive to improve our customers' experience.

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Jamie Bel

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I agree I was given all sorts of promises that the software would integrate with my Quickbooks online only to find out it doesn't. I have been trying to integrate with the retail trading partners since July, still not completed. My Walmart EDI does not work. I am 3 weeks behind in invoicing Walmart as a result. I just feel it is insane, to create software merely to profit and oversell potential customers rather than focusing on solving the problems of business owners.
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Mélanie, Official Rep

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Hello Jamie,

I am sorry to hear about your frustration and I sincerely apologize for the issue you're experiencing with QBO!

I was able to investigate internally, and it sounds like the Quickbooks issue is currently being addressed by a team of developers. I understand that delays can be frustrating but unfortunately, it is something to take into consideration for complex set ups like yours. I highly recommend to stay in touch with our Project Manager at SPS Commerce if you have further questions about this. She will be able to answer technical questions! Regarding the Walmart invoices, since we know that the integration process can be delayed, we automatically set up our clients with our Web Fulfillment solution to allow business as usual and avoid disruption. I see that you were able to successfully send 100+ invoices to Walmart last week via Web Fufillment. Are you referring to another issue then?

Mélanie - 
Customer Success Manager
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Mark Sweigart

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What IS the average wait time to get a problem resolved anyway?
or for that matter, to get a problem ADDRESSED???
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Hello Mark, 
Since your question required our analyst to provide you with the EDI specifications, he created a case (#04265179) internally to email you the document as this is not something we can share on Support Center (Public site). If you have any urgent inquiries, we recommend to contact our Support team directly at 888.739.3232.
Thank you,
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Howard Lee

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Yes seriously the worst technical support ever. I've been trying to use the little chat tool for assistance. And its like they read your message but no reply. I've been waiting over 3 hours to get one question answered. Email takes even longer. I've emailed needing something from SPS back in July.... after two weeks I got tired of waiting and figured it out myself.
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Thank you to all that took the time to give honest feedback.  I felt I was the only one experiencing delays and set backs on my project, I struggled to answer my superiors when the asked me why this is taking so long, that is why I reached out to see if others were experiencing the same thing.   
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You are not alone with struggles related to support from SPS Commerce. I have spoken with support personnel who knew virtually nothing (literally, I figured out and provided them the solution to solve the problem) to others who knew exactly what needed to be addressed. There have been implementation teams that made slow progress and teams that were experienced and moved right through rather quickly. Support has improved significantly over the past few years.

A few lessons that have increased the quality of support for me:
  • Learn and use SPS terminology, whatever area it is in. When I used the names/terms from industry standards or software used in-house by the company I work for, general confusion ensued in solving the case. SPS Support knows or can find answers for their system. When communicating with support, I now only use names and terms for things I find in the various areas of their products/solutions and/or have picked up with the conversations with support.
  • Ask one (1) and only one question per incident. Condense the question to require an answer for the specific situation (even if there are multiple related issues/questions, address one at a time).
  • Email the one question to an appropriate address for the related service (this generates an auto response email with a case number). Wait 10-20 minutes for the case to be available to support, then call support and provide them with the case number in the email. If I do not follow up the email with a call, it can be a very long frustrating wait for a response (again, the response time has gotten much better than it was a few years ago). If the case cannot be solved on the call, let them have some time. Unfortunately, if you still have not received a reply or an update after a day or two, follow up with a phone call.