Wish forms and labels would load without requiring Java

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Java is so slow and it is very frustrating. SPS Commerce should not use Java any more.
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Michael Fishman

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Posted 6 years ago

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Kayla Johnson, Alum

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Hey Michael,

Thanks for posting in the support center! Sorry to hear that you are having issues with java. Below are just a few videos that may help you troubleshoot the issues you are having with Java.

WebForms Troubleshooting Check and Update Java Video
Clearing Java Plugin Cache
Enabling Java Add-Ons

I will pass this on to your Product Management Team to see if this is something we can change in the future!

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Colin Walker, Alum

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the feedback. We will take this into consideration in our long term plans for the WebForms product.

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Scott Valerius

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WebForms should not use Java.

Why don't you guys develop your own software for the Webforms and your customers who rely on them for critical business transactions. Why not by pass the browser completely with your own software?

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Clearing Java Plugin Cache topic.
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Hi Scott,

Thanks for posting in our Support Center!  I've merged your post with this existing post.  Colin Walker, our WebForms product manager has this idea under consideration and will keep you updated through this topic.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
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Thanks for the idea. This is a challenge we're actively looking at. It's a big change to WebForms, so I can't promise a fix yet, but your feedback helps us set our priorities.

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Michael Fishman

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Thank you all. Let me know if you have any questions for me. My only complaint is really just the speed at which the forms load - especially purchase order acknowledgments, advance ship notices and the ability to print labels (the ability to print labels is the slowest of all).
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Hey Michael,

We could try adding a java memory string to your java console. This should let make the java run a little faster on your computer and in turn load the forms faster.
Below are the steps on adding a java memory string.

1. In the control panel click on the Java icon.
2. Click on the Java Tab in the Java Control Panel
3. Click the View button under the Java Applet Runtime Settings
4. Under Java Runtime Parameters type –Xms###m –Xmx###m
5. Replace the ##'s with the amount of Ram allotted for Java. The first set of numbers is the minimum amount of RAM allowed for Java and the second set is the maximum. The guideline is that you do not use more than half of the computers available RAM. For example if you had 4.00 GB of RAM you would set the range from –Xms1500m –Xmx2000m.
6. Click OK
7. Click Apply on the right side of the Java Control Panel
8. Click OK and close out of the Java Control Panel

Adding this java memory string should make your forms load much faster!

Please let me know if you have any questions about these steps or need additional assistance adding the memory string.

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SPS team,

Stick to using the web for all things web forms. Or at the very least support a Desktop version and a web version. The benefits completely out way the cons.

Suggestions though for keeping a sane mind and full pocket:

  • Officially only support a single browser.
    • This allows for focused development
    • People will get over the fact that they have to use a specific browser(especially if it's not IE), not to start browser wars here but I suggest chrome as it is well supported on all OS's (including linux distros) there are many more pros but I won't list them here...

  • A web based solution will work on any computer, any where, with internet (which is required anyways if you want to send documents).

  • If you choose to do a full Desktop application java is a great choice!
    • java is also OS's independent
    • There is a large community of developers who use this (including maybe most importantly, fresh college grads and its simple enough that almost any developer can easily and quickly pump something out if need be.
    • you might look into a language called scala which runs off the JVM so it can run on any OS still, and has a very similar flavor to java. While it is a bit lesser known its close enough to java that people can figure it out, and its a bit newer with some multi-threading enhancements that I believe core java lacks.

This is only a quick and dirty summary of some of the reasons you should stay with a web based platform.
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Lisa Sacquitne

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As an update to this thread, we will be working on prototyping potential solutions to loading forms, labels and defaults that will not require client side Java sometime this year! Depending upon our results we will look at removing this dependency. 

Michael - out of curiosity, could you please share the average load times you are seeing while loading purchase order acknowledgments, advance ship notices and printing labels? If you have more than one, do you find that certain trading partner forms are slower to load than others? Are there specific times of the day that are better than others? Does it get faster after you load the first document of a specific type?

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