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Dear Valued Ocean State Job Lot (OSJL) Trading Partners,

Thank you for the continued participation in the OSJL EDI initiative. OSJL would like to take a moment to outline some "EDI best business practices" to ensure continued success with the program.

Purchase Order Document (850)
It is expected that you will review the specifics of OSJL EDI orders within 24 hours of the 850 being sent or by next business day and respond with any necessary EDI documents.

Item Numbers:
OSJL will send the OSJL SKU number and vendor part number in all files. OSJL does not send the UPC code.  If you require the UPC code it can be sent in place of the vendor part number, just email edi@osjl.com with the request.  It is expected that OSJL SKU numbers be returned on all EDI transactions.

Item Quantities:
OSJL places orders with item quantities in 'eaches' with the desired item case-pack specifically defined.  If this case-pack is unavailable or incorrect, please use the purchase order acknowledgement (855) to update OSJL or send an email to the buyer.

Order Dates:
The 'expected delivery date' and the 'ship not before' date will be the same in the header of the file.  There will also be a 'do not ship after' date at the header level.  OSJL expects delivery prior to the 'do not ship after' date.

Purchase Order Acknowledgement document (855)
OSJL only requires the purchase order acknowledgement if changed need to be made to the order.

Some changes could include:
  • An update to an item number
  • An update to the order quantity
  • An update to item pricing
  • An update to the case-pack the item will be shipped in
  • An update to the delivery date
If the order is accepted in full, no purchase order acknowledgement needs to be sent

Purchase Order Change Document (860)
OSJL will utilize the purchase order change document for any necessary order changes, including order cancellations.  Please review all changes within 24 business hours or by next business day to ensure you are in compliance.  If you are unable to accept an 860 message, a copy of the Purchase Order with the updates will be emailed to the sales rep.

Advance Ship Notice Document (856)
OSJL requires an advance ship notice(ASN) by purchase order to be sent for every shipment or truckload arriving at our Distribution Center.  On prepaid orders, the ASN must be received 24hrs prior to time of appointment or by previous business day.  On collect orders, the ASN is required within 2hrs from the time product is picked up.  Please see the below helpful tips to ensure all ASNs are accurate and on time.

Bill of Lading Number:
OSJL expect that the BOL number on the 856 (ASN) will match the assigned number on the delivery paperwork and on the appointment request.  In order for OSJL to process the ASN, the BOL number needs to match exactly.  Spaces, special characters, upper and lowercase are significant when entering the BOL number.

Item Quantities:
OSJL requires the total number of 'cases' of an item to be sent on the ASN.  This number can be calculated by determining the number 'eaches' you are shipping and dividing it by the actual case-pack you are shipping.

The case-pack quantity should also be sent in the ASN to ensure accuracy between the ASN and the actual shipment.  If you are shipping multiple case-packs, they need to be entered on separate lines on the ASN.

If there is a case-pack discrepancy at the time you receive the order, please communicate this to OSJL in a purchase order acknowledgement or contact the buyer via an email.

UCC-128 Labels
OSJL is not currently utilizing the UCC-128 labels at this time and labels are not mandatory to generate with ship notices.  When this requirement changes in the futures, OSJL will communicate this to suppliers.

Invoice Document (810)
OSJL currently requires invoices to be emailed and submitted via EDI.  When it is determined that invoices no longer need to be emailed, OSJL will send out a communication.  To ensure prompt payment of all invoices, please email to invoices@osjl.com until instructed otherwise by the OSJL team.

For Purchase Order specific data questions, contact Ocean State at edi@osjl.com
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