How to Create Ranking Metrics

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Ranking helps focus your analysis on the top or bottom performing items or locations.  Let's look at a scenario to identify the top 5 styles within our top 2 performing Retailers by Retail Sales.
          Report Details
          Attribute:  Retailer, Style, Style Description
          Metrics: WTD Retail Sales

1.  Right-click on the Grid where the metrics are present and click Insert Metric → New.

2.  In the New Metric Window, first create the metric to Rank Styles within each Retailer by Retail Sales.

3.  Type in the formula Rank<ASC=False, BreakBy= {Retailer}>([TY WTD RTL SLS]) and name the metric Rank Styles by Retailer - Retail Sales and click OK (BreakBy stands for the level at which the ranking is performed; ASC stands for Ascending.)

4.  To build the Metric to ran the Retailers by Retail Sales, let's now create a derived metric that displays the Total Retail Sales by Retailer.

5.  Right-click and select Insert Metric → New and then trpe the formula within the Definition box Sum([TY WTD RTL SLS]){Retailer}.  Name this metric TotalSalesbyRetailer.  You will now see the Retailer Sales displayed by Retailer.

6.  Let's now build the metric to Rank the Retailers.  Right-click and select Insert Metric → New and type the formula Rank<ASC=False>([WTD Sales at the Retailer Level]) and name it RankRetailerbyRetailSales.  You now have both Rank metrics present within the grid.

7.  To view just the Top 2 Retailer and Top 5 Styles, create a View Filter and add the following conditions:
  • RankRetailerbyRetailSales less than or equal to 2
  • Rank Styles by Retailer - Retail less than or equal to 5
8.  You will see the RankRetailerbyRetailSales metric ranks the retailers based on Total Retailer Sales.  The Top Styles by TY WTD RTL SLS - Broken by Retailer metric ranks the styles within each Retailer.  This can be removed from the report grid if desired.

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