How do I work with Purchase Order Changes on WebForms?

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I just received a Purchase Order Change. I go to “Next Steps” to create my Advanced Ship Notice but there are no documents available. What do I have to do to create my documents?
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Posted 7 years ago

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Until you know how to work with Purchase Order Changes, they can be a little tricky. It is necessary to accept or reject the Purchase Order Change before continuing with the order. Take a look at this training video; it provides a lot of really great information about how to work with Purchase Order Change documents in WebForms.

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I cannot invoice the following PO's, they all delivered on the dates indicated, so I don't know/understand why I can't invoice them:

002550508247 05/09/2013
005520513006 05/13/2013
000540513006 05/13/2013
010350507144 05/14/2013
005570412012 05/14/2013
005740507162 05/14/2013

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Unable to invoice 6 Costco PO's.
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Changed P.O.'s.

I have 3 P.O.'s that were changed. I was instructed to bring up the original P.O. and either accept or reject it. Then I could invoice the new changed P.O. I am not finding the accept or reject button on the original P.O. Can someone call me? 480-483-2774
Thank you David Farr.
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Hi David,  I tried to give you a call but left a voice mail.  I think this video may help answer your question about the PO Change.  It seems that you might be experiencing this issue because you are using the original PO instead of the Change.  If you open the PO change document you should see the accept icon (a check mark) in the upper right hand corner.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Have a great day!
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Change order not allowing completion of PO processing. SPS error message received.

I received a PO from a customer. Completed the Purchase Order Acknowledgement step and before the order shipped received a change order (only the shipping date changed). Now when I try to complete the next to steps to process the PO (Advance Ship Notice, Invoice) I receive this message:
"The selected document(s)
could not be used at this time.

You must receive all pending Purchase Order Changes
before replying to a document."

Is there a way to fix that?


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Good Morning Gerry,

Thank you for your post. I've merged your post with this current post as I believe this has the answer you are looking for.  PO Changes do have to be received prior to continuing with next steps. The video above will walk you through the process of working with that change or you may follow my written steps below.

 To work with the change, simply click on the PO Change.  When the change loads up, decide if you are willing to accept/reject the change.  In the upper right hand corner of the PO Change, you will see a check-mark icon (accept) and possibly a piece of paper with with a red circle crossed out (reject).  Choose the appropriate option.

If you accept the PO Change, the specific changes will be applied to the order and a new version of the order will be created for you to work with.  If you reject the change, you will be able to work from the original order again.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if I can clarify anything above.
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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the follow up. That worked!

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why do I get a change order after item has been shipped? How to handle in webforms?

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