Frequently asked Assortment - Catalog v7 attribute questions:

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Question: What is the attribute ‘Catalog’?

Defined as: The vendor catalog identifier assigned by SPS Commerce during vendor
implementation. ​

Question: What is ‘Selection Code’?

Defined as: The vendor-created item category identifier.  A Selection Code is a 3 digit number created
by you to establish a logical product hierarchy or category system for your products.

If your business produced tables and chairs, your selection codes could define two groups of products:

Selection code: 100
Selection code description: tables

Selection code: 200
Selection code description: chairs

The correct information for your products should be entered in the Selection
Code and Selection Code Description columns for each item. You can create as many or as few selection codes as you like but each item in your catalog information must be represented by included in a selection code.

Question: What is my ‘product code’?

Defined as:  The vendor-created subcategory identifier


​Using the tables and chair example from the selection code article product codes may be as follows:

Product code: 100DINING
Product code description: Dining room tables

Product code: 100COFFEE
Product code description: Coffee Tables

Question: What is my ‘product type’?

Defined as: The lowest level product classification of the item. This is a more rigid way to categorize where a supplier must choose from our list which the category of their item is. This allows us to require attributes based on the type of product you sell.

Example:  These can be found in our attribute guide or our Universal Spreadsheet template on the ‘Product Type’ tab. Home categories as it relates to the example of tables and chairs are below. You would paste the entire Product type into the attribute.

Product code: 100DINING
Product code description: Dining room tables

Selection code: 100
Selection code description: tables

Product Type: Home - Tables & Desks


This data would
be reflected in your Universal Spreadsheet Template as follows.

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