Family Christian 855 Functionality Announcement (05/14/2014)

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Attention Family Christian Trading Partners,

Last year, Family Christian launched an initiative to drive efficiency and collaboration with their trading partners.  The Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) document is a significant part of this initiative as it provides visibility on how the order will be fulfilled and early notification of any discrepancies with the order prior to shipping and invoicing. Please note the information you send in the Purchase Order Acknowledgement should reflect what you intend to send at the time of shipment; not your current inventory levels.

It is imperative that the Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) be used accurately.  It should communicate how you intend to fulfill a Purchase Order.  There has been confusion and misuse of the Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855), which has led to Family Christian canceling orders you may have intended to ship!  Please review the below Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) business requirements to ensure you are using this document correctly.

  • A Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) must be returned for every Purchase Order (850) within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Each Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) must contain all items indicated on the original order.  If an item is not present on a Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855), that item will be considered canceled and removed from the Family Christian Purchase Order (850).
  • If a Purchase Order (850) is sent with a Sales Requirement of 'No Backorder' (CSH01 = N), and the trading partner is not able to ship within the intended ship window, the Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) should reject the Purchase Order (850).  Purchase Order Acknowledgements (855) attempting to back order these Purchase Orders (850) will not be accepted and will be cancelled.  Product received on cancelled Purchase Orders will be treated as an unauthorized backorder and deducted from the invoice.
  • Any items returned on the Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) with a quantity of '0' will be canceled, regardless of the acknowledgement status of the item.  A '0' quantity indicated the item is not being shipped, if this is the case the item status (ACK01) should be IR - Item Rejected.
  • When acknowledging items on the Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855), Family Christian allows items to be acknowledged (ACK01) as either:
              1.  IA - Item Accepted
              2.  IQ - Item Accepted - Quantity Changed
              3.  IR - Item Rejected

        A more detailed explanation of why the item is being accepted or rejected is required to be sent in the Industry Code (ACK29) field.

If you have additional questions on how to accurately create the 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement document, feel free to watch this WebForms Training Video or contact SPS Commerce.

Please contact Family Christian at with any business use questions.
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