Document Processing Error: Invalid Relationship

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If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you have recently received the following error from SPS:

Error Description: Invalid Relationship. SPS Commerce does not have an active capability for your company to send this document type to the intended recipient.


In order for SPS to send documents to your trading partner, we have a unique method of identifying who the document is intended for. We use what is called a Trading Partner Identifier, or TPID, that is linked to a specific trading partner relationship. Each trading partner you connect with is assigned a unique TPID.

For example, you may be setup to send and receive the 810, 850, and 856 documents with Customer X under trading partner ID 123ALLSPSCOMMER.  The first 3 characters ‘123’ is Customer X’s identification number within SPS Commerce, and the other 12 characters represent your company.

How we determine TPIDs

1.       You send SPS the complete TPID in your file.  In the example data below, the complete TPID ‘123ALLSPSCOMMER’ is in the first field of a common csv formatted file.


2.       The other way the trading partner ID is determined is by using what we call cross references, or XREFs.  You send us a unique value that corresponds to a specific trading partner, and we change that value into a valid TPID.  For example, below you may send us the value ‘8428’ which could be a customer number, account number, or other identification number within your ERP system for Customer X.

Internal ID = 8428

This internal ID 8428 is for Customer X, whose ID in SPS’s system is 87P.

We take the internal ID of 8428 and turn that into the TPID 87PALLSPSCOMMER.

Cause of this Failure

1.       You are sending a valid TPID, but the type of document you are sending with that TPID is not currently integrated.  For example, you may be currently setup to send invoices to your trading partner with TPID 123ALLSPSCOMMER.  However, you do not have the capability setup to send an advance ship notice from your backend system to that trading partner.

How to Correct and Prevent this Error

1.       Are you currently implementing this connection?

If you are in the process of implementing a new connection with this trading partner, please work with your implementation consultant to ensure the TPID is setup correctly.

2.       Would you like to have this trading partner and document type setup in SPS?

If you are not setup to send this document to the intended trading partner via Integration Fulfillment, but would like to, please work with your Account Executive here at SPS to get the new connection process started.

3.       Is this occurring because of an automation or limitation within your back end system?

Automation – Please adjust the settings so your system does not send data that’s not intended for SPS.  This can cause a delay in resolving legitimate errors for documents you are setup with.

Limitation – If you are not able to discontinue sending these files, nor do you intend to integrate this fulfillment document with SPS, please work with Fulfillment Support to recommend a solution.

Have Additional Questions or Need to Contact Us?

Production Inquiry:  See the top right of this page for three convenient contact channels.

Implementation Inquiry:  Contact your implementation consultant and/or project manager.

New Connection Inquiry:  Contact your Account Executive.

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