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Derived Metrics allow you to create custom calculations on the fly using metrics that already exist within your report grid.  Some examples include:
  • Adding the values of one metric to the values of another metric, e.g. Week 1 Sales Units + Week 2 Sales Units
  • Adding the current On Hand position to last week's sales unites to create an elementary Beginning On Hand metric.
  • Creating a total inventory metric by adding the following: On Hand, On Order, In Transit and Shipments

To define a new metric on a report:
1.  Do one of the following:
     On the Data toolbar, click Insert New Metric.


     On the Data menu, click Insert New Metric.

2.  In the Insert New Metric Window, in the Object drop-down list, select New metric.

3.  In the Name box, type the name for the new metric.

4.  In the Available list, select the metric(s) you want to use to build the new metric.

5.  Click the arrow button to add it to the Definition list.  Metric names automatically display surrounded by brackets.  Leave these brackets in place.

6.  In the Definition box, position your cursor at the appropriate place and type any operator you want to use (+, -, *, /).  You can also click Function Wizard to open the Insert Function Wizard.  This wizard steps you through the process of defining a metric formula.  In the Available list, select the next metric you want to use in the definition.  You can also create derived metrics by using a single metric along with a constant value (for example, [Sales Dollars] * 2).

7.  Click the arrow button to add it to the Definition.

8.  Continue building the metric definition by adding operators, metrics, or constants until it is complete.

9.  Click OK.  If you are using multiple operators, use parentheses to define the order in which the operations are to be performed.

Build the Sales Dollars per Unit Sold metric within the Insert New Metric window, defining it as shown in the image below:

The report now displays the new metric along with the original two metrics.  By default, new metrics display a fixed number format.  You can easily reformat the metric to display currency using the formatting toolbar. 

**Note: The new metric now appears in the Report Objects pane and only in the report it was created in.

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