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A critical area of the SPS for GP EDI logic is the ability to bring in purchase orders with items on them which might have a different unit of measure (UOM) than those defined in the accounting system.  An example of this might be a trading partner ordering an item with UOM CA, and in the accounting system you have that item defined as having UOM 'EACH' or 'CASE'.  The CA to CASE you want to map exactly the same with no quantity conversion, but mapping CA to EACH you might want to convert the quantity from their 'case' to your 'each'.  This document will address the item cross-reference window, the fields on the window, and how the data is used in processing trading partner documents.

Click here to download 'Customer Item Cross Reference Guide'!

Table of Contents

Page 1:
  • Revision History
  • Overview
  • Window Access
Page 2:  Fields
  • Item Number
  • UOM Schedule
Page 3: Fields Continued...
  • UOM
  • Description
  • Convert
  • Converted Units
  • Min Units
  • Save
Page 4:
  • User Scenario
Page 5:
  • Processing Use
  • Conversion Issues
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