Common Ocean State Job Lot 856 Errors & Resolution

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Common Errors:

Error Message: ShipmentIdentification: ASN# Invalid data EA in ShipQtyUOM in line 82, column 52. The value 'EA' is not one of the possible choices [CA] in ShipQtyUOM

How to resolve: Ensure your SN103 = CA within each repetition; this is often an error because the 850 is sent out in EA but the return documents are expected in CA.

Error Message: ShipmentIdentification: ASN# Missing element: expect ShipQtyUOM before ending Shipment Line

How to resolve: This error often occurs with the first error listed; once that is corrected this will automatically rectify this portion.

Error Message: ShipmentIdentification: ASN# Invalid data C in CarrierTransMethodCode in line 25, column 63. The value 'C' is not one of the possible choices [A, D, M, R, S, U, L, T, H]

How to resolve:  Page 9 of the specifications; TD504 has the 9 options that OSJL accepts into their system; ensure you’re using one of those options. They are also in the error message.

Error Message: ShipmentIdentification: ASN#  Missing element: expect Vendor before ending Order Header in line 66,column 23

How to resolve: Page 24 of the specifications; Ensure you have an REF*IA segment where your REF02=Your Vendor Number. This repetition is located between your PRF and HL loop.

Element FOB01 (Shipment Method of Payment) does not contain a valid identification code: 'CO' is not allowed. Segment FOB is defined in the guideline at position 0800.

How to resolve: Page 15 of the specifications; Ensure you’re FOB01 is one of the two options provided in the specifications; CC or PP

MIN/MAX errors; this can occur in ANY field on your document; below is an example of how it is phrased:

Error Message: ShipmentIdentification: ASN# Invalid data 201411226 in DTM02. DTM02 requires text with at least 6 to a max of 8 characters not 9 characters but contains 201411226

How to resolve: Ensure your field follows within the Min/Max limitations within that field. Even though the error states ‘but contains 201411226’ that still is considered the erred data that needs to be adjusted

If you receive any errors from SPS Commerce but are unable to resolve using the above, please leave a comment below and someone will look into your issue shortly. For immediate assistance please contact your respective support team.
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