Addressing a Purchase Order Change

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New Purchase Order Change
If you are addressing the first PO Change for a particular order, it is important that you read over the change to ensure that you understand all of the changes that are about to be made to your order. You can do this by:

1. Clicking on the ID number of the change, this will open up the PO Change.
2. Ensure that the "PO Type" does not state "Cancellation" as accepting this will cancel the order and could potentially cause issues for you going forward (see image below).

Once you've ensured that it is not a cancellation and you feel comfortable accepting the changes, you will want to:

3. Click on the blue icon in the upper right hand corner that looks like a paper with a check mark inside (see image below). This will accept the change and a new order will be generated for this order which you will use to create all outbound documents (ASN, invoice, etc.). To reject a change you will click on the red icon.

Note: You can reference the following video for additional details.

Options Crossed Off:

It is important to note that once you accept a PO Change, the options via next steps will be crossed off on the original order. If you are attempting to access the next steps options off of an order and find that all of the options are crossed off and you have opened the order, then I would recommend:

1. Search that PO number in the "Search by doc ID" field
2. Make sure that you are operating off of the newest order
3. If options still crossed off you may need to clear your Temporary Internet Files or verify that order hasn't been canceled

Getting an Error When Trying to Create Documents:

If you are getting this error, you have at least one Purchase Order Change that is in need of being accepted. To rectify this error, you can:

1. Search that PO number in the "Search by doc ID" field
2. Accept or Reject the PO Changes in the order that they were received
3. Once all changes are accepted, go to next steps off of the newest order that was created
4. If options still crossed off you may need to clear your Temporary Internet Files
Note: You can review the steps to accept the orders above

Trying to Accept PO Change, But It Keeps Failing:
If you are attempting to accept a PO Change but it keeps stating that it failed (giving you a thumbs down), then you will want to:
1. Search for that PO in the "search by doc ID" field
2. Ensure that there is a corresponding order to this change
3. Ensure that there aren't any other PO changes that haven't been accepted
4. Click on the older PO Change and verify it's not a cancellation (see above for example)
5. Verify that it is not adding quantity to a deleted item as this will also cause it to fail
6. If none of these apply, then call in (888-739-3232 option 1) and work with an analyst.
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Hello - My customer submitted their Purchase Order Change via fax. I've looked at the videos, etc but cannot find how to Create the Shipment / ASN & properly Invoice for the additional products $500 of products that do not show on the original PO?  Not sure if you can see my PO's but it is for Partner SCP Corp PO# KD304789 and their faxed change came after the original was acknowledged. Thanks for any assistance you can provide!!

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